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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

What Can I Do About Excess or Smelly Gas?

If problems with excess flatulence cannot be solved by dietary changes and other simple measures - such as restricting lactose and dietary fiber - you may consider ordering:

What is the Flatulence Filter™?

The Flatulence Filter™, originally known in newspapers and on radio stations across the country as the Toot TrappeR™, is the first activated carbon/foam filter system disguised as a seat cushion. The cushion is 15"x 17"x 1" thick and is enclosed in a gray tweed upholstery fabric cover to look like a normal chair cushion. Frank Lathrop who developed a severe problem with smelly intestinal gas related to his diabetes developed the Flatulence Filter™. Flatulence was a side effect caused by the disease of diabetes, the medications he had to take, and the types of foods he needed to eat. What does the Flatulence Filter™ do? This 1" thick super-activated carbon/foam filter concealed in a simple chair cushion absorbs the odors instantly. The Odor Eat'n Foam™ air treatment system employs a high efficiency activated carbon air filter to absorb the odors that just happen naturally. This same air filtration technology is used by the Space Shuttle program to protect the air breathed by our astronauts. U.S. Soldiers used Gas Masks during the Desert Storm war filled with activated carbon to protect them from deadly gasses.

How long will it last?...

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