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Web Site Testimonials 

“… this site has helped me understand IBS a lot better. I finally realize I need to take control of my problem…” – Sabrina

 “Thank you for having such a fine web site with very helpful information. I think I have found what I needed to know about IBS.” – Hunter

 “I reviewed Dr. Salt’s website and found it very comforting to know that my symptoms are not uncommon.” – Emily

 “I checked out your web-page…It just makes me feel better to know ‘what’ I have. Your page was extremely helpful.” – Sue

 “Dr. Salt’s website was the most informative and well-organized site I visited while learning about my IBS diagnosis.” – Jenny

 Testimonials regarding “Irritable Bowel Syndrome & the Mind-Body/Brain-Gut Connection”:

 “…I think anyone who reads this will certainly be able to function 100% better.”– Deborah

 “Many doctors don’t have the time to explain IBS to their patients…Thank you for helping me understand the disease.” – David

 Irritable Bowel Syndrome & the Mind-Body/Brain-Gut Connection…fills an important need for patient education.” – Edward  L. C. Pritchett, M.D.

 “…a book that offers a wealth of information and experience to the individuals who suffer with IBS. The emphasis on understanding mind-body interactions and IBS triggers in a positive light is particularly refreshing.” – Michael P. Jones, M.D., F.A.C.P.

 “Everyone who has a problem, be it digestive, colon, bowel, etc…should own a copy of your book…Thank you…” – Wilma

 “…Dr. Salt covers the subject thoroughly, yet his lively, illustrated text escapes the dullness of most works on this subject. Essential for most consumer health collections.” – KellyJo Houtz Griffin, Library Journal

 “…Irritable Bowel Syndrome & the Mind-Body/Brain-Gut Connection gave me great help in my diet and my ability to cope with this health problem...Thank you, Dr. Salt, for sharing your professional knowledge in this publication.” – Doris

 “…Your book will be most helpful for patients to understand the newer biopsychosocial approach to self-care. I would very much like to offer this book to patients who come through the Center.”  – Douglas A. Drossman, M.D.

 “When I think back, all my illness began after William’s death…I feel it’s necessary for me to give back to the universe all that has been given to me from people like you.” – Karen

 “Dr. Salt’s book…is written in a way that is understandable and useful to the motivated, educated layman.” – David E. Smith, M.D.

 Irritable Bowel Syndrome & the Mind-Body/Brain-Gut Connection has encouraged me with many practical suggestions.” – Robert

 “I intended to scan the text…then found myself thoroughly engrossed – until 3:00 am! It is very interesting and informative.” – Robin

 “The book is great and fun to read. The concepts are so clear and the illustrations so amusing…a wonderful contribution to educating the public.” – Regina

 Irritable Bowel Syndrome & the Mind-Body/Brain-Gut Connection will enable you to become an effective partner with your attending physician in preparing an effective treatment for IBS or colitis – and lead a pain free, health managed, full and vigorous life.” – James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review

 “…clearly aimed to the public…very readable and informative source of information on a very common digestive problem.” – Joseph B. Kirsner, M.D.

 “Your book is simply wonderful!” – Eileen

 “I am back to living life again…thanks to the book you wrote. Now I understand what is happening and how to handle things.” – Virginia

 “…a wonderful resource for millions of people who suffer from some form of this disorder. It is clear, concise, and practical.” – Isadore Rosenfeld, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.C.

 “…a carefully constructed book…with an excellent plan to alleviate the problem in all its adverse effects…It not only addresses medical treatment but also includes a spiritual holistic approach to healing.” – Dick

 “…there is something finally out there that patients can understand…and can significantly help with their management and their understanding…of their disease.” – Jay P. Marshall II, M.D.

 “…IBS patients will welcome this as a reference when they have questions. His understanding of this problem and his ability to communicate …is obvious throughout the book.” – Harrison J. Shull, Jr., M.D.

 “This book gives me the confidence to push ahead.” – Connie

 “It is nicely produced and will be very helpful for my patients.” – Lawrence R. Schiller, M.D.

 “…this book is a great asset for anyone who has to deal with the problem of irritable bowel.”
– Thomas A. O’Malley, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.G.

 “It represents a nice blend of medical science and common approach for the lay reader to a common clinical problem.” – Frederick A. Wilson, M.D.

 “I have despaired for a long time with this condition…when I read your site I felt like Dr. Salt was talking about me directly. Thanks for giving me hope!” – Tanya

 “Thank you for writing this book to help people understand what they are going through.”
– Jolyn

 “You have produced a book and a way of self-understanding that will be enormously helpful for anyone fortunate enough to encounter it.” – John M. Buchanan, Pastor, Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago, IL

 “I am very interested in recommending this to patients…” – David A. Kageorge, M.D., FAAFP

 “…interesting, very easy to read and understand.” – Deborah

 “I have learned much from reading Irritable Bowel Syndrome & the Mind-Body/Brain-Gut Connection. It’s written in laymen’s language and follows a logical progression. It has encouraged me with many practical suggestions. I am 77…” – Robert

 “This is a primer for good health. Knowing ourselves and understanding the strong connection that allows our mind to influence our body most often unconsciously will help us to lead a healthy and happy life.” – Connie Patterson, M.D.

 “Your ‘heart and mind’ connection goes for me way beyond its scientific explanation. You reach the soul…a beautiful human – and humane – element pervades the author and his book.” – Gabrielle

 “…I just could not contain my excitement. When I received my Publisher’s Weekly, yesterday, I was thrilled to find your new book on the cover. In addition, I saw you on the ONN Network and found your presentation to be quite informative…I am proud to be a patient of such a distinguished doctor.” – Theresa

 “…This text provides a great deal of information, written in understandable language, that will afford significant relief to many. I recommend it widely.” – William N. P. Herbert, M.D.

 “…Dr. Salt’s book was the best. I have a much better attitude and am better able to cope. THANK YOU!!!!” – Linda

 “Most of us have a family member or two, as well as someone with whom we work, whose quality of life may well improve because of the information in this book. I have a hunch that it will be read by, and proven helpful to, many people throughout our country.” – Tom Carper, Governor, State of Delaware

 “Excellent accent on wholeness, preventative care and personal involvement in one’s own wellness and self-care.” – Thomas L. Hudson, Pastor, Christ Lutheran Church, Columbus, OH

 Testimonials regarding “Fibromyalgia and the MindBodySpirit Connection”:

 “Another book, Fibromyalgia and the MiindBodySpirit Connection, by Drs. William B. Salt II and Edwin Season, describes the benefits that can be gleaned from cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps people address self-defeating thoughts that can aggravate pain.” – Jane E. Brody, Columnist, The New York Times

 “This book has given me a goal to obtain. It gives a person ways to help the condition as well as obtain a helpful daily regiment to good health. Before reading this book, I did not know how many factors there are in maintaining good health. This book is broken down into chapters that are short and easy to read, also the book is uplifting and positive.” – M. V.

 “I run a support group in our community and am anxious to explore any new ideas for our group and to recommend reading materials to those in need. I truly recommend this book to anyone who is suffering with fibromyalgia. Thank you Dr. Salt for your dedication and support of those of us who had nowhere else to turn. I found the book very informative and helpful and have recommended it to my group. Please keep up the good work!” – P. C.

 “This is THE book to become the bible of fibromyalgia sufferers.” – Velma Daniels, News Chief

“A fresh approach to fibromyalgia. . . organized in a manner that makes sense to both the patient and/or practitioner. An invaluable resource.” –  Kevin V. Hackshaw, M.D.

“. . . valuable for patients and health care professionals.” – Ronald L. Whisler, M.D.

 “Salt (Irritable Bowel Syndrome & the Mind-Body/Brain-Gut Connection) has teamed up with orthopedic surgeon Season to outline a seven-step, 12-week program using body-mind-spirit concepts to “focus on the power of your mind rather than on the pain and diagnosis” of fibromyalgia. The authors provide foundational information on the role of body-mind interactions in health and disease and then move into specific information on fibromyalgia. Drawing upon current knowledge in body-mind medicine and pain management, they create a thoughtful approach to managing the debilitating muscular pain and fatigue associated with fibromyalgia, focusing on wellness and patient empowerment. The book offers a well-organized easy-to-read, multidimensional approach to tapping the body’s innate healing ability. This book will appeal to the general reader and is a nice addition to the literature of fibromyalgia. For public libraries and all consumer health collections.” – Lisa McCormick, Library Journal

 “Drs. Salt and Season show how to live with this condition, rather than suffer from it…written for the lay reader, and to help Fibromyalgia patients to better understand the core of their condition and take positive steps to reverse those factors that are within their control. Highly recommended for personal, public, and professional medical reference library collections.” - James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review

 “It has been a very long time since I have read anything which gripped me and held my attention so completely as this book. I have already read it through two times, and continue to return to several sections…if I could have my wish tonight it would be for each and every one of you to read this book. That is how important I believe its message is. My review copy is already all marked up with a highlighter and the pages are marked with many paper clips.” – Betty Iams, Journey to Wellness Newsletter

 “This is THE book to become the bible of fibromyalgia sufferers.” – Velma Daniels, Book Reviewer, News Chief

 “This book is a godsend to those with fibro. The plan is clear…the many photos and charts as well as line drawings combined with a thorough index provide a concrete course of action…I have not seen the need to award any book more than five stars for some time now. Fibromyalgia and the MindBodySpirit Connection deserves many more than a mere five stars…you will want this book.”
– Buzzy, Buzz Review News

 “…This definitive book, with its emphasis on such topics as weight, diet, exercise, stress control and psychological issues, places the ball squarely in the victim’s court. Sufferers take note. Steps outlined in this book could possibly provide the necessary empowerment for a renewed lifestyle.”
– Susan Farrington, The Sanford Herald

 ”(Fibromyalgia and the MindBodySpirit Connection) is a book about taking control of the very condition that has infiltrated one’s life and turning it around to find relief.” – Marilee Reyes, San Gabriel Valley News

 “… a clear, concise and practical guide to help anyone suffering from fibromyalgia regain control of his or her health.” – Arlene Shovald, Ph.D, The Mountain Guide

 “Now, thank goodness I have found a book that explains…fibromyalgia and how pain involves more than the body.” - Betty Ratliff Smith, The Winchester Sun

 “The great value of this book lies in the doctors’ acceptance of these symptoms as real and the support they offer sufferers to move their focus from the negative experience of pain to the positive search for health.” – Nancy Seher, Woodward News

 “…This disease is very complicated. Salt and Season make it easier to understand with a readable style. I recommend the book..” - Ruth Wucherer, Independent Publisher 

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