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The mission of Parkview Publishing is to empower people who suffer from functional pain, symptoms, or syndromes (in which medical tests do not offer explanation) to heal and become healthier than ever before. This empowerment derives from knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of the following:

  • State-of-the-art scientific medical diagnosis and treatment
  • Interrelationships of mind, body, spirit, environment, and society.

In order to achieve our mission, we at Parkview Publishing dedicate ourselves to the offering of empowering books, educational materials, resources, presentations, and a dynamic Web site.


There is an epidemic of unexplained symptoms, including widespread or localized bodily pain, fatigue, digestive complaints, headache, dizziness, chest pain, back pain, and gynecologic and urologic distress. Psychological symptoms, such as anxiety and depression, are often associated with them. All people suffer from some of these unexplained symptoms from time to time. When they become distressed with the symptoms, they consult with doctors who diagnose them as "functional" symptoms. The term "functional" means that even though the symptoms are very real, medical tests do not show an abnormality that accounts for them. Furthermore, collections of these symptoms are often diagnosed as functional syndromes, such as fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome. These functional symptoms and syndromes can interfere greatly with one's quality of life and even the ability to carry out everyday activities and obligations, such as work. Parkview Publishing offers a new language and way of understanding functional symptoms and syndromes. We consider functional symptoms to be MindBodySpirit Symptoms and functional syndromes to be MindBodySpirit Syndromes. The fact that various symptoms and syndromes occur together is evidence for a shared "cause" that can be understood through the interrelationships of mind, body, spirit, environment, and society. MindBodySpirit Healing derives from understanding and appreciation of the MindBodySpirit Connection, the body's innate healing potential, the individual's responsibility for healing, distinctions between disease and illness and between treatment and healing, and the power of the patient-doctor/health professional relationship.

Company Background

Parkview Publishing was founded in 1996 by William B. Salt II, MD, a board-certified gastroenterologist and internist. Its original function was to publish his book, Irritable Bowel Syndrome & the Mind-Body/Brain-Gut Connection, which he began writing in 1995.

Dr. Salt explains, I could not find an inclusive resource for my patients who suffered with IBS or other functional gastrointestinal disorders. I was disappointed that I could not spend more time during the office visit to provide all of the information and knowledge that I had learned over the years. Finally, I became convinced that it was necessary to teach people that these digestive disorders must be managed with a plan for general health and wellness. We must all attend to mind, body, and spirit in order to heal.
After Parkview Publishing's initial formation and publication of Irritable Bowel Syndrome & the Mind-Body/Brain-Gut Connection, Parkview Publishing enlarged its mission to encompass a wider range of health-related topics dealing with the mind, body, and spirit. Thus, the MindBodySpirit Connection Series was conceived.

In late 1997, Dr. Salt began collaborating with Edwin H. Season, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal pain, to begin work on Fibromyalgia and the MindBodySpirit Connection. Since 30% - 70% of those who have IBS also have fibromyalgia and vice versa, the two began compiling their experiences and researching the latest data. Dr. Season has long shared Dr. Salt's view that people need more accurate and factual health-related material in order to heal, be healthy, and feel better than ever before! The publication date for this title is March, 2000, but it's available right now here at

In early 1999, Shelley W. Salt, a high school art teacher, writer, and also Dr. Salt's daughter, began writing a children's picture book, Why Is My Stomach Hurting? It will be illustrated by Patti Sharpe, who has a strong reputation for her wonderful watercolor cartoon characters and will have a forward for parents by Jane Balint, M.D., who is a pediatric gastroenterologist. This book is for children who have IBS, as well as their parents, and is scheduled to be published in early 2001.

It was Brad Salt, Dr. Salt's son, who (in 1996) launched and organized the business and production sides of Parkview Publishing, as well as created its Web site, He was assisted by his mother, Susan Salt, and it is she who runs the business today. Susan is assisted by her long-time friend, Michelle Brunetto, who is the friendly voice on the phone if you call us. Susan also takes the photographs for the books and Shelley Salt draws the line illustrations. For Fibromyalgia and the MindBodySpirit Connection, Shelley was assisted with the drawings by Dr. Season's daughter, Kim Season. She and Shelley have been life-long friends! Brad continues to masterfully administrate the Web site, serves as Web master, works a full-time job, and is getting MCSE certification (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer). Brad and Shelley's younger brother, Casey, helps out in the office from time to time. So, you see we have a tight circle here at Parkview Publishing. We are honored to share our work with all of you!

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