The following is an extract from:
Fibromyalgia and the MindBodySpirit Connection
by William B. Salt II, MD and Edwin H. Season, MD

The Power of Knowledge

You gain the upper hand by understanding the MindBodySpirit Connection and by an appreciation of the impact of perceived stress, emotional distress, thought, and memory on the conscious and unconscious mind, body, and spirit. Just knowing the "cause" of fibromyalgia is beneficial. Focusing on the power of your mind rather than on the pain and diagnosis of your body can bring lifelong relief.

With this book, you can explore your diagnostic and treatment options in the privacy of your home and on your own time. Then, armed with information and knowledge about your problem, you will be better able to partner with your doctor in order to heal.

You Can Heal!

Your mind, body, and spirit are connected and inseparable. You will learn that you are stronger than you ever thought and that you have more control over your body than you realized. The goal of this book is to show you that the illness of fibromyalgia is a MindBodySpirit Syndrome and to provide the tools for you to access the miraculous ability of your body to heal through the MindBodySpirit Connection. Furthermore, your problem can be the stimulus for a life change that will bring you better health and wellness than you have had before.

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