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Author Topic:   to JillAnn and matching symptoms PF,?Endo?etc

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posted 05-13-1999 04:04 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for moldie     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Wow, even though you're about 20yrs younger than I, our sypmptoms are remarkably similar. First of all, how is your PF? I came to this BB with that very symptom. I didn't know how to search then, being new to the net and of course this BB. PF practically incapacitated me. I was thinking a death sentence would be better than dealing with that kind of pain. I suffered in silence a long time as it's not something you like to talk about. Then I went from doctor to doctor and when I could not get any answers suffered in silence again. I'm not saying this will work for you, but if you were like me any hope might be welcome. Have you been put on any antifungal or tried probiotics. Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics helped this symptom for one year, then they stopped helping. I finally went to a Food Allergist who dealt with food allergies and Candida. My PF symptom cut down from a 2-3days/wk cycle to 2-3days/mo. Have you tried staying away from all foods with citric acid(see search). This helped my abd bloating. I'm on antigen drops which are supposed to get your body used to the allergens again. I am unsure if this works yet though. Next time I am going to be assertive and ask for proof! If you indeed have this problem, they say it won't go away by doing nothing and become worse. I sat on mine for a long time and was diagnosed incorrectly. Although it showed I had Endo on the scoping, when I agreed to the hyster(anything to get rid of the pain), my PF came back. Have you been checked for a yeast infection? When I was on antibiotics for adult onset acne, it apparently masked my symptoms. After my hyster on my follow-up visit, the Gyno found yeast caked to the vaginal walls. I had no odor or significant drainage. I was also on birth control pills after I got married before we wanted children). Both of these, as well as steroids, they say, can kill off the friendly bacteria that keeps Candida(which everyone has) in check from overgrowth.
You may have seen me write on this before, and I'm sorry if I've droaned on. I hate to see anyone suffer like I was then. Please let me know how you are doing.



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posted 05-14-1999 05:43 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for JillAnn   Click Here to Email JillAnn     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Please don't think I'm a total idiot, but what is PF... I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.

As are as how I"m doing.. I've actually been a lot better in recent weeks. I don't really know why, but I went to my GYN for a sonogram expecting to have endometreosis, but it showed nothing suspicious. I CRIED in the doctors office. I know that my Gyn thought I was nuts! Not really, she was very nice. She offered to do lap. but didn't think it was necessary, but she put me on Anaprox, big does and for some odd reason they have helped tremendously! I don't really know if its the drugs or just the knowledge that I don't have endo, but I haven't been as stresses and my belly has calmed down. I still have pain and discomfort on occasion, but its not incapacitating me!

I know I shouldn't be typing any of this becuase God will hear me and I'll be suffering again soon.

I still read this BB every day becuase right now I'm feeling like somewhat of a survivor (for now, 'till it hits me bad again) and I feel like you guys are all some sort of support group that would help in any situation.

Good luck and let me know how you are.. and what is PF.. I still can't figure it out!


Oh, you asked about yeast infection and anti-fungals. I had BAD recurrent yeast infections (every month) for almost 5 years cause I couldn't get my old gyn to listen to me and I finally got a different gyn and she put me AND my husband on Diflucan.. I've only had a couple minor incident since then and I've taken Diflucan and they've gone away right away.



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posted 05-15-1999 01:33 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for moldie     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
My Dear JillAnn, You are not an idiot! There are lots of doctors out there who don't know what PF is. I actually got the initials from this BB. It stands for Proctalgia Faux and is rectal spasms,like you I had after stooling. I've heard some say they have them spontaneously. If I notice any in between, they are not painful. However, after a couple of stools(usually mushy and pasty ones where the rectal muscles are strained open for a longer length of time), they are so painful and I don't notice the spasms as much as the incredible pain that involves a throbbing, burning, aching, sensation in my whole pelvic floor(in other words vaginal too). I am sorry to be so descript here, but I think it is necessary in this case. I have to lie down in a fetal position (kind of like a baby with colic), and usually take 2 sl levsin and 1 levsinex spansule @ this time. If I try to ignore it, and go on with my work, the stooling and the pain of course gets worse. It takes from 2-6hrs to subside. Eating also exacerbates it, and so I mainly drink H20 for this time period.
I cried 'happy' tears too, when I was in the Allergists office and he told me he thought that they could help me there. He put me on Diflucan which I believe is what helped get rid of that PF symptom. My assmuption from what I had read in the book "Yeast Connecton" is that the candida was so proliferate that when it took over in the bowel, it was able to attach roots into the bowel and cause the pain as well as someplace where larger food particules could pass and also cause the defensive cells to attack,(which in turn may trigger other reactions in the body; one of them possibly, food sensitivities). While I know flux poo-poos this theory as well as some doctors; you and I can't argue with success. By the way, how long does the doctor say you and your husband need to be on the Diflucan and how much do you take? My doctor said my husband doesn't have to be on it as long as he doesn't have symptoms. Did your doctor also tell you to cut down on sugars that can feed candida as my MD did?
I believe Anaprox is a nonsteroidal anti-inflamatory much like ibuprofen. This is what helped my painful mensus. Endo might well have been the cause of my pain at the time of my periods, but I am almost convinced now that the candida and the citric acid allergy was the cause of my discomfort in between times. I don't think I would take the Anaprox on a daily basis as it might rake havoc with your GI system and cause kidney problems down the line (perhaps you know this already).
A good book to read when you're feeling confused about why things happen in this universe is; "Why Bad Things Happen to Good People." It helped put things in perspective for me. I am so happy you are feeling better. Although I am feeling much better than I was, I still have GI disturbances @ times and still have Fibro symptoms. That's why I come to this place for support too. (Sorry I'm so wordy)


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