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  majority of people who have gall stones DON'T know it? have you been check?

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Author Topic:   majority of people who have gall stones DON'T know it? have you been check?
posted 03-08-99 06:08 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for charlie   Click Here to Email charlie     Edit/Delete Message
hello everybody
well i want to bring this up, the majority of people that have gall stones or gallblader problem don't even know they have them or a problem!!
as most of you have seen a lot of postings on gallbladder on this board the last few days, is it IBS or GALLBLADDER? well so far as in my case i hope it is gallblader!!
in my opinion gallbladder mimicks ibs,
my question is how many of you have NOT been check for gallbladder? most of my symptoms are gone(so far)i have been on this board for about 2 years and 2 years later all my symptoms were gallbladder related,because i was told i had ibs, and nothing wrong with me! well i sure prove them wrong!! makes you wonder hummm,
"just wondering"
even if it turns out that i did'nt have ibs i am still going to hang with you guy's i have to much time invested on this board to quit now,and just maybe all of this may help someone,yea!! lets see!!shall we!!

[This message has been edited by charlie (edited 03-08-99).]

posted 03-09-99 08:13 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for botica   Click Here to Email botica     Edit/Delete Message
charlie: You are always so "up"!

I have just had many tests and things are definitely pointing to IBS. I have a f/u appt with MD soon and will ask about gallbladder and HIDA. (my pain is left upper ... but I understand that in the belly, pain can refer up to 1 ft.)

thanks for being so positive!


posted 03-09-99 10:54 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for JeanetteC   Click Here to Email JeanetteC     Edit/Delete Message
I was told I have two very small stones. However - my gallbladder is just fine. Does that make sense to you? Just wondering?

posted 03-10-99 07:32 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for charlie   Click Here to Email charlie     Edit/Delete Message

it does make sence but how long ago did they see those stones? i dont think they are getting smaller,they said that i had no stones,walla they were wrong,but as mostof the information i have read on gallbladder is that most people dont know they have stones or maybe gallbladder problems, go figure,i for one,this is why i think that HIDA scan is important now a days,
you know i must of started off with little stones at one time also,wich ended up with a cronic condition over the years,and everybody missed it!!dont you think that when a person finds out that they have stones that the medical field should address the problem at that time instead of waiting?
they just send you on your way until it turns into something worse,maybe (ibs)humm or maybe not humm.when is the last time you saw headlines that read, "GALLSTONES DISAPPEAR BY THEMSELVES"
"just wondering"

posted 03-10-99 05:33 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for gal4     Edit/Delete Message
My father-in-law had to insist years ago that the Dr. check his gall bladder. He was having pains in the night and my husband would take him to the Dr. office for shots for his pain. Finally, the Dr. agreed and lo and behold gallstones. This past year my son thought he was having a heart attack while out of town on business. After he came back he went to the Dr. who took all kinds of tests except for GB. I told my son to insist on test for GB because practically everyone in my husbands family has a problem. Sure enough - He had to have GB surgery. Full of stones! We need to be in touch with our bodies and keep the Dr.s on their toes. They just think they are God.

posted 03-10-99 08:00 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for charlie   Click Here to Email charlie     Edit/Delete Message
hi gal
thats my point, don't you wonder just how many people have a gallbladder problem, the material i read said about 5% of the population may have a problem,thats alot,
and it seems that it is getting harder to figure it out for some doctors, my sergeon said that the hida scan,is getting more attention now than ever,and doctors are relying on this test more than ever before,
i guess the ultra sounds/cat scans are not as good as the hida scan,thats the only thing i can think of,what do you think?
have a good one

posted 03-10-99 08:57 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Dave   Click Here to Email Dave     Edit/Delete Message

I have a HIDA Scan ABDC test next week. I will ask the doc tomorrow if the ABDC part is the same as a CCK. Did you have burning pain and did any antispasmodics like Bentyl ever help before you were de-"chucked", I mean "de-galled" :+). I get burning pain, and only C, never ever D, am told to try Milk of Mag., that gives me the runs, but the pain never changes, even after MOM use. Can't wait to get the scan done, and I hope the gall darn thang has to come out! Davey


posted 03-11-99 09:24 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for charlie   Click Here to Email charlie     Edit/Delete Message
yes i had burning pain,plus many more symptoms,but remember my gallbladder was a dead duck!!i was even turning a shade of yellow,but i had cronic g/b and stones
as far as meds are concern,the doc's wanted me to take all the meds that most people take for ibs, but never did, the one thing i did do was take every over the counter and percription meds like pepcid,zantac,prevcid you name it, they did not help,and i found out that they wont help a g/b problem at all
from my doc,
good luck on your test dave keep us posted on the out come,
charles (YES DAVE) de--galled
two weeks ago, ha ha ,

[This message has been edited by charlie (edited 03-11-99).]

posted 08-16-99 03:31 AM           Edit/Delete Message
What a discovery!

I have been diagnosed with IBS by my Naturopath a few years ago and have persevered with different natural remedies to ease the symptons. My Naturopath says that IBS is common and caused by different allergies or irritations from foods that the body has lost resistance too. Recently I went on the Liver Cleansing Diet lasting for 8 weeks. I haven't felt so good for years, I lost 8 kilograms in 8 weeks and the IBS almost completely disappeared. Then one night about 2.00am, I was awoken from my sleep with severe pain in the upper abdominal area and around the sides under my ribs. I thought I was having a heart attack and dying. An Ambulance was called, which rushed me to the hospital. The Doctors performed blood, urin tests and monitored me. I was in constant pain for about 4 to 5 hours. They wouldn't give me anything for the pain. After the pain settled about 6 hours later, they sent me home. I had told my Sister about this and she commented that the symptons sounded a lot like Gall Bladder problems. She had her Gall Bladder removed a year ago, because of Gall Stones. Then my mother proceeded to tell me she has had Gall Bladder problems in the past also. On their advice I went to visit my Doctor, who instantly dismissed the fact I could possibly have Gall Stones. He said I would have to be either of the following four; (1) Over Forty (2) Female (3) Fat or (4) Fertile. Reluctantly he sent me to have an ultrasound performed which detected 2 Gall Stones and a polyp. I am now sheduled to see a Surgeon to have it removed. I am releived to read here that others have had similar experiences, where they were thought to have had IBS, but turned out to be Gall Stones. I certainly hope this is the case. I am now really excited about having the Gall Bladder removed to see if this solves all my other problems, of IBS and back pain. I'll keep you posted. From Brisbane, Australia.

posted 08-16-99 10:44 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for alleycat     Edit/Delete Message
what are the symptoms of having gallstones? Now that I am reading this, I am remembering last year and before waking up in the night with severe pain of what felt like my chest and not being able to boyfriend thought i was dying...but I was crying and couldn't do anything about the pain. You are saying that the symtoms are similar to those of ibs..but what exactly are they?

posted 08-16-99 11:30 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for charlie   Click Here to Email charlie     Edit/Delete Message
for everyone's info, this is a copy of a post from heykate a few months back

"There has been a lot of questions about gallbladder symptoms and I don't expect this to be just MY list - other's please contribute (Charlie? Dave? Murphy? LindaB? Anybody who has been de-galled?)
I've had IBS on and off for 26 years, and these symptoms are different. They started sometime last fall - at first I thought it was IBS - because the pain hadn't started yet. These were my early symptoms:

Constant low-level nausea
back pain

As time went on, these symptoms developed:

dull pain in upper right quadrant
pain sometimes extending around to back
nausea got worse - especially after
meals - it was pretty bad
fatigue continued (no worse but
Stools changed color - to light then
to yellow
Weight loss (about 7 pounds so far)

THEN, I read Charlie's thread about gallbladder symptoms and made the connection. At some point, my pain escalated and got much worse. Because of Charlie's info - I immediately cut out all fat and, voila, the nausea stopped (not the pain). Armed with info from Charlie's thread, I went to my doctor and first had:

Ultrasound - to check for stones in
Gallbladder, liver & kidneys - they
found nothing, which is why one MUST
insist on the next round - HIDA scan
and CCK.

And then insisted on:

HIDA Scan/CCK - where they hook you up
to IV and inject nuclear dye to watch
as it fills the gallbladder and then
CCK - which is a hormone they inject
to MAKE the gallbladder contract and
*squeeze* the nuclear dye out into
the small bowel - the rate at which
the dye empties is called the flow
rate - less than 35% is considered
abnormal - sluggish - and can
indicate a diseased gallbladder.
(Mine was 10%)

I hope this helps others with questions - OK,

posted 08-16-99 06:03 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Marge     Edit/Delete Message
Hi Charlie and Everyone!!
I am very interested in this GB vs IBS thread. I was dx with IBS some 4-5 years ago. In the beginning it was nothing more than uncomfortable and moderate abd pain, sometimes constant. I really went to the doctors to find out what the pain was coming from because I have always understood that pain is NOT normal! I was given all the IBS "drugs" and like one writer said each one seemed to work for a short time then it was back to pain, etc.

Apr of 97 I started to have these twinges in my right side. Like a squeezing sensation and they would wake me up at night. It would happen around once a month (no particular timing) and then they stopped for around six months. Started again around Oct/Nov 97 lasted for about several months and stopped.
Then in Oct 98 I was on a trip and I started getting these squeezing, twingy pain and then I began to feel a small lump up under my right rib cage. Well I ignored it through the holidays but in February I really went full force to pursue it. Had dr. visit after dr. visit, had a repeat colonscopy, ultrasound of GB, kidney, pelvis, CAT scan of Abd all of which came back negative. Well thank God for that but.....................
I am still having all the symptoms. PAIN which is really bad now, a LARGE lump up under my rib cage, burping/belching that would shame a trucker (sorry guys!)
Diarrhea and abd pain sometimes so bad I cry and cry. I started taking pain pills leftover from when my husband had back surgery when the pain gets 10+ out of sheer desperation.

After all this, Charlie, what I want to know is how this can be related to GB. Does the GB cause diarrhea? Does the GB cause the colon to spasm? Does the GB cause pain in the mid abd area? Also any particular food does not seem to have any effect on this.
Charlie or anyone, If you have any advice please send it!!!

Thanks for all the help I've received here!!!!
I also have the nausea and fatigue. I keep saying to myself if you would just stop eating you wouldn't have any problems!!!


posted 08-17-99 01:12 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Papoose     Edit/Delete Message
Hey guys - I'm not a doctor or a nurse. . . I do work at a hospital and since I have these problems, I have spoken with our radiologist who is very nice and gives me a lot of information. First of all, although your gallbladder can give you upper right-sided quadrant pain, so can your bowel. In fact, your bowel (I think) is practically crammed up just under your lungs and then goes down. I could have SWORN to you that my gallbladder was "going bad". There have been several times when they've just "thrown me up on the table" and checked me out with an ultrasound (that's how lucky I am sometimes), but nothing ever shows up. I could be wrong about this, but it could just be that a specific section of my bowel is acting up. My understanding is that D is NOT a symptom of gallstones. Also, please go back and read other members' comments about their IBS symptoms becoming WORSE after having their gallbladders removed. I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but I don't want any of you going through anything else more than you have to!


If I don't laugh, I'll cry!!!

posted 08-17-99 10:52 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for charlie   Click Here to Email charlie     Edit/Delete Message
hi papoose
well having diarrhea could be a symptom of a bad gallbladder, the bile could flat line into your lower intestinse, and you are right having out your gallbladder could cause diarreha, in about 35% of people

posted 08-17-99 11:08 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Sisyphus     Edit/Delete Message
he he charlie....I don't have a gallbaldder any more

Can I join the de-galled club? But seriously, I didn't have stones. I had what they called "sludge" and yes, I let it go on too long because of the IBS symptoms, also. But my back pain differentiated that. My IBS back pain is more low, like menstrual cramps (sorry guys, I know you can't relate.) My gallbladder back pain was more in the kidney area. They actually checked my first for kidney problems. So, you gotta check it all out...

"You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created." Albert Einstein, 20th-century Swiss mathematician, physicist and public philosopher

posted 08-17-99 03:35 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Gilda   Click Here to Email Gilda     Edit/Delete Message
I have been de-galled too and I can tell you I never had a test for it, but was diagonsed with IBS.When they took it out they had to because it was infected and filled with stones and I started bringing up bile the loveliest shade of green and had the most unbearable right side pain . I also had morning nausea, belly bloat and the runs and spasmotic pain every day prior to my operation.

posted 08-17-99 04:10 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Stage     Edit/Delete Message

Thank you for the info on gall stones, and all the info you share on the BB. I read with interest.

By reading the symptoms, I don't think that is my problem, but I will take head. Sounds like others got the symptoms later.

Tomorrow I will be seeing a new general dr. My regular dr., who I really liked left, and so I need to get to know another one. I am seeing him for high blood pressure (new problem for me), and I thought I'd discuss with him my IBS as well. According to the Parade article, IBS symptoms could be caused by food allergies, so I am going to ask him about that too.

Thanks again, Charlie.

"In the end, everything is a gag."
- Charlie Chaplin

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