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Welcome to the functional GI message board! It is our hope that this bulletin board will serve as a forum for discussion and sharing of ideas relating to the functional GI disorders. Please contact us by email if there is content that you feel does not relate to the subject of this forum. You may also contact us if you have any questions or concerns, however, please note that Parkview Publishing cannot respond to questions regarding health or requesting health advice.

Please use the icons at the bottom of the message board to navigate the bulletin board (click here to view the icon defintions). Messages can be left anonymously, although we encourage you to enter your name and email so that people may contact you for more information. Feel free to bookmark this site so that you may meet and stay in contact with other people with functional GI disorders. Be sure to "reload" this site so that the content is always up to date.

Thank you for visiting and we hope that you enjoy the functional GI message board!


The main screen lists each message by date. The time the message was posted, subject and author is also included. If a "RE:" preceeds the subject, this indicates that the message is a response to a previous message. You may view a message individually by selecting it and pressing the "view selected posting or postings" button. You may also view multiple messages at the same time. To select multiple messages: PC users hold down the "Ctrl" key while selecting messages / Mac users hold down the "command" key. The multiple message view is the best way to view messages.

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* This message board does not necessarily represent the opinions of Parkview Publishing or Dr. Salt. Please take caution as to the source of the information presented on this bulletin board. Parkview Publishing cannot respond to email requesting medical advice. 

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